Pham Do DongPham Do Dong is born in Hanoi in 1940.
He graduates from the Fine Arts Academy of Hanoi in 1968.Concours, L'amour lointain

The two paintings realized in the framework of the H&S contest show the range of his talent.

The painting called “In the garden”Concours, Dans le jardincould almost be the work of a draftsman; it is an academic exercise showing two perfect “classical type” bodies. In the other painting called “Far away love” the artist is representing a walking woman, sad and lost, in an explosion of colours. It is a new beginning for him, like the H&S contest itself, an open door to new discoveries.

After 1997, the artist continued to drive around a work imbued with images of war discreetly scattered here and there or just mentioned, but this image of soldier-painter will remain its main feature.

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