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Restoration of Artwork of Thai Tinh by Nguyen lam

As new: The photos show the Dam Ruoc painting before and after restoration.
“Dam Ruoc is the best preserved of Tri’s works I have seen, however, it was not easy to restore,” said artist Lam who invited his three artist children, Huyen Lam, Lam Huynh Son and Lam Lan, and artisan Huyen Ly join in the work.

After taking the painting from its frame, the artists carefully removed dust layers from the painting surface with clean water and emery paper until the original paint appeared.

It took almost one month for the artists to complete touching the painting up. “It seems simple to outsiders, but if it was put in the hands of unskilled artists, the process could damage and discolour the painting,” said one expert.

“Nguyen Lam has completed the delicate work skillfully worker,” said Mauries after announcing Dam Ruoc had been completely restored.

“I feel so happy and proud to be assigned such work. This is an authentic work made using traditional lacquer painting techniques, not so much different from current techniques,” said Lam. “The work always made me feel pleasant, like I was working in the artist’s workshop back then.”

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