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Collective exhibition with Nguyen Minh Phuong

“Brown Movement” is a chaotic movement, created by an impact. Based on that idea, an artist residency program that includes a lot of independent artists from various countries, religions, nations, ages… is organized. The artists meet, and of course, make up the bumps, creating new innovative ideas, according to Tran Trong Vu, is also a form of Brownian movement.

Within a month, rushing to become familiar with a new space, a new life, and of course, mix to adapt and immediately started work, Tran Trong Vu – as an artistic adviser – and 3 international artists with 12 Vietnamese artists, of which most are under 30, have completed their works, in time for the launch of the exhibition “Brownian Movement”.

By Nguyễn Minh Phương – Maybe we should look at the small corners, the imperfect parts of people. Or human nature is inherently imperfect? Such ideas are expressed through “Broken Reality”.

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